What is a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach?

When people are looking to make changes to their life to improve their health in Singapore, it can be a quite a daunting task. There is a plethora of advice out there which makes filtering out all that information down into actionable behaviours incredibly difficult. Consequently, this information overload often promotes indecision and ultimately, complacency. Furthermore, even if you do know where to start, working out how to incorporate those changes practically into a busy life can also provide quite a stumbling block. That is where a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach comes in.

A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is ...

A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is specifically trained to mentor and support clients to achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Equipped with knowledge from a variety of fields ranging from nutrition to emotional healing, they are effectively able to improve overall wellbeing. Additionally, some can even offer functional medical diagnostics1, comprehensive stool analysis and food intolerance tests2.


Another important advantage of using Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches is, that they can boost your motivation in making these changes permanent by providing you with goal setting strategies and, a positive outlook. Essentially, they offer guidance and accountability.


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A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach having a consultation with a client
A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach having a consultation with a client

A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is not ...

Unlike doctors, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches do not dispense medical drugs. Diseases can take years, if not decades, to build up in the human body. Thus, it should come to no surprise that these symptoms cannot be eradicated completely by a 15-minute trip to the doctors. Fortunately, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, a medical professional to provide a more frequent and holistic level of support necessary to reverse disease permanently.


Secondly, although Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches are not nutritionists, they are well versed in nutrition, at both the micro and macro level. They are capable of using nutrition to heal by employing 3 key strategies:

  • Scientific evidence based research,
  • An ancestral perspective and 
  • A personalised approach3.

So, whilst a nutritionist may lay down the law and say “this food is unhealthy” and more commonly, “you must eat this way”, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach will work alongside you to help you make decisions that truly work and are tailor-made for you. In conclusion, on a brighter note, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is more of an educator than a dogmatic advice dispenser.

Where is Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching popular?

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in its purest form has taken off mainly in California, New York, London and Sydney. However there are several traditional professions that may incorporate Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching as part of their practice from chiropractors and nutritionists to personal trainers and fitness instructors to traditional Chinese medicine doctors and even some Western medical doctors. The main difference is that they are primarily focused on their specific expert field first as primary advice. In addition, the business model in these professions tends to lend itself to turning over the maximum number of clients in a short space of time which is not enough client face time to potentially reverse disease from decades of poor lifestyle choices. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches have far fewer patients and develop more exclusive relationships with their clients.

Are there many Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches in Singapore?

A very happy and satisfied client jumping for joy after Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching
A very happy and satisfied client jumping for joy after Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

A Linkedin search reveals that there is only 1 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach in Singapore! So, clearly it is a very unique model that is badly needed here. Statistics have shown that Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations4. Cardiovascular disease accounted for 30% of all deaths in 20165. Singapore could hit obesity rates of 15 per cent in just seven years6 and each day, 36 people in Singapore are told that they have cancer7. The medical community is great at fixing you up temporarily but it is horrible at curing you permanently. A Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach therefore, offers the perfect solution to help guide you down the right path to health, happiness and longevity. 


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Health, Happiness and Longevity,


The Levitise Team


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1. At Levitise we prefer Great Plains Labs but we are also familiar with tests from Cyrex Labs, Genova Diagnostics (formerly Metametrix), Doctor's Data and BioHealth Diagnostics

2. 95% of Chinese Singaporeans are lactose intolerance

3. At Levitise we use Primal Pattern diet typing and Metabolic Typing

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5. http://www.myheart.org.sg/article/about-the-heart-and-heart-disease/statistics/singapore/75

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7. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2015/06/23/kidney-failure-diabetes-cancer-all-up-spore-getting-more-sick/

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