Are you struggling with...

 weight loss and self confidence

 excessive mental and emotional stress

 feelings that your health is slipping away from you as you hit your 40s and 50s

 disillusionment at the medical industry and commercial gyms

 being just too darn busy to get started

Why we love working with you

Your problems solved

Levitise is a Holistic Health and Fitness Centre that helps both busy mums in their 40s and 50s and C level executives solve issues such as weight gain, anxiety, fatigue and poor sleep.


By working on a combination of personal training, nutrition and lifestyle factors we help you solve your health concerns and achieve your fitness goals in an exclusive, private, safe and cosy downtown environment.


We teach you everything you need to know to achieve true lasting transformational change so you too can rediscover what it’s like to feel energised, confident and awesome again!

Why choose Levitise

Fitness for Senior Executives

We understand you’re a busy professional who appreciates 1-on-1 training in a private, exclusive and boutique environment. We accept a limited number of clients so that we can provide exceptional individual attention to help you achieve your unique goals.

Health Concerns

We specialise in helping people with problems that doctors struggle with such as fatigue, sleep disorders, stress, energy swings, digestive distress and hormone imbalances.

Private and Luxurious

Levitise is an exclusive facility tucked away in a zen like corner of SBF Centre. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and deserve to be pampered in a private space where you’re guaranteed to be the only person training at any one time.

Root Cause

We don’t use medical drugs or supplements. We investigate and identify the root cause of your health concerns and empower you with the knowledge and confidence to permanently address them.

Specialised in Working with Parents

Struggling to squeeze a healthy lifestyle into your work and home life? We get it as we’re parents too. We teach you how to take back control of your life to create the freedom you desire.

Individualised Programmes

You’ll have a completely customised programme coupled with the individual attention you need to help you achieve true lasting transformational change.

Multi-disciplined Personal Trainers

Whether you’re looking to address weight loss, pain management (i.e. back, neck, shoulder pain), postural issues, strength or just general fitness our internationally CHEK and NASM trained coaches have you covered.

Holistic and Integrated Approach

Holistic = “whole” - we always look at the big picture and you’ll have an entire team of passionate and caring professionals working together in an integrated fashion to help you achieve your goals.

“The personal training programme has helped me gain self-confidence…I’ve also become more energetic and can spend more time with my kids.”

Alice Lee, 40 - Mother, Compliance Specialist

“I was suffering from a groin injury that I picked up in football that developed into Osteotis Pubis. I was in immense pain and agony. I went to see 2 physios and  Singapore Sports Medicine Centre and the doctor told me I was unlikely to be able to get back to optimal level again. But your invaluable tips and advise on diet, sleep, movements etc. helped me get back on the football field and playing 1 to 2 full 90 min games per week and I'm back at optimal level. It's really a miracle when I look back :) Wow!”

Shakir Ahmed 33 - Events Producer, Hedge Fund Industry

“Levitise has gone far beyond what I was hoping to gain! I have become stronger, increased my endurance and as a whole feeling much better. Levitise is an investment you take with you for a lifetime. Highly recommended and honoured to have their support during my racing journey.”

Lisa Bourgogne, 41 - Endurance Athlete

“The approach is completely different to anything I’ve experienced before and the staff genuinely care about my progress.”

Vincent Chew, 50 - Father,  Investment Manager

The Levitise Team

We are a friendly team of personal trainers, corrective exercise coaches, nutritionists and health coaches all working in an integrated fashion especially for you.