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Are you next on the list of 1.7 million Singaporeans currently at risk of obesity-related diseases? Are you amongst the 30% who could contract cardiovascular disease? Is high cholesterol, blood pressure or poor sleep preventing you from performing at your absolute best? Levitise is a Singapore based executive holistic lifestyle centre with expertise, services and solutions that we guarantee, you won’t find anywhere else.


We will be able help you significantly improve and optimise your lifestyle whilst lowering your risk of health-related diseases permanently. We specialise in helping people with weight management issues, sleep disorders, hormone imbalances, stress, fertility, digestive issues, fatigue, diabetes and back, neck, shoulder pain without the use of medical drugs.


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The benefits of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

The Levitise model

The Levitise Model is a unique multidisciplinary approach that blends Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, nutrition, functional medical diagnostics, corrective exercise and Performance Coaching.


Your customised program of services is provided in one convenient downtown centre and includes the industry’s only 10-Point Lifestyle Assessment tied to solutions focused on overall health and peak performance so you'll see optimal results.


Our clients are committed and accountable to their health because they are fully supported by their coaches. This unique strategy produces stronger, faster and permanent results.


Unique testing to identify specific lifestyle factors affecting your health.

Exclusivity - we are not a crowded gym. Only 1-2 clients are in the studio at any one time.


Personalised and customised so solutions become permanent beneficial changes.

The only centre focused on the 10 Essential Elements of Health.


There are no professionals in the industry in Singapore that can offer the same level of comprehensive assessments and health programmes that we can.

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"Levitise offers a service that will help you formulate a realistic plan that fits your personal goals and lifestyle. Overall this is a hidden gem and a unique proposition in Singapore."  



Tailor-made and permanent solutions

Your health and well-being can be enhanced, or compromised, by the 10 Essential Elements of movement, nutrition, breathing, environment, hydration, emotions, social, sleep, thinking and sunlight. How these elements have affected your life is your history but it doesn't have to be your legacy. Reversing health risks requires a comprehensive assessment of these elements that will result in a solution tailored to your unique situation, needs and lifestyle. Ultimately, this is your life, your dream and you have the power to call the shots. 


Our solutions are easy to implement so they end up becoming permanent changes in your life. No strict diets or calorie restriction, no 60 mins of leaping around the gym, no machines, no yo-yo fat loss, no supplements or drugs and no short term fixes.


Are you ready to discover your greatest potential? Or simply curious to know more about what we do at Levitise? Send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you immediately.

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“I would highly recommend Levitise to anyone who wants to use their body and mind with maximum performance.”



Shakir, 33 yrs old, Executive Producer

Your support system

You are not alone in this life transforming experience. We are here to be your support system and to help you learn how to make choices that create a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. However, most importantly, we are here to ensure you love and have fun along your journey to achieving everlasting health and vitality. At our centre, your well-being is our primary responsibility.


We look forward to helping you understand the underlying lifestyle factors that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. If you are keen on signing up for a FREE consultation or you'd just like to learn more then contact us here.

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Health, happiness and longevity

Our mission is to help you achieve optimal health, happiness and longevity without disease. So, whether you’re looking to improve your productivity and focus, reduce stress, rebalance your hormones, fix your digestive issues, reverse type 2 diabetes, get rid of your back & neck pain, lose weight or just improve your sleep, we have the permanent solution for you.