Holistic Lifestyle Assessment

The Levitise Holistic Lifestyle Assessment (HLA) is a great way to help you identify the various lifestyle and physical factors that have contributed to you experiencing problems such as weight management, sleep disorders, imbalanced hormones, stress, fertility, digestive issues, fatigue, diabetes and back, neck, shoulder pain. The HLA consists of a Movement Screen, Primal Pattern Diet Typing Evaluation and Health Appraisal Assessment.


If you're worried about your health and ready to make changes in your life then this assessment will provide a perfect stepping stone for you to understand your current health status and get you started on your journey towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

"I didn't know - and didn't take much notice - on how I sit, or stand, or walk, or jump. But after the movement screen, I realised my body posture really needs some improvement and it will affect my health in the future. It was a great experience indeed!"


Rani, 25 yrs old, PR Executive

Movement Screen

The Movement Screen is performed to help you identify muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns. The information collected from the movement screen will then, serve as a base to design a program that will address the imbalances identified whilst, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Its essential to undertake a comprehensive and holistic movement screen before embarking on a new exercise regime so as to avoid creating new problems and as Gray Cook once said, "you can’t put fitness on dysfunction"!


The FMS is designed for everyone and takes roughly 60 minutes to complete.

A sample of the Movement Screen results
A sample of the Movement Screen results

"I enjoyed the full body movement screen whilst overlooking a panoramic cityscape followed by a very comprehensive lifestyle assessmentthat zoomed in on key focus areas."


Jonathan, 50 yrs old, Sales Director

Health Appraisal Assessment

The health appraisal assessment will help you determine where you are at in the areas of nutrition, stress, circadian health, digestion, fungus, parasites and detoxification. Discover the lifestyle factors that are causes chronic problems in your life and stopping you from being the best version of yourself by scheduling an appointment with us for a Holistic Lifestyle Assessment today.

A sample of the Health Appraisal Assessment results
A sample of the Health Appraisal Assessment results

Primal Pattern Diet Typing

Primal Pattern Diet Typing is a unique approach to help you to identify a way of eating that’s in line with your ancestry and genetics and is part of our Holistic Lifestyle Assessment. We’re all different and we understand that our genes have a significant effect on our well-being. Thus, having such information is crucial for you to comprehend what healthy eating truly means for you. So throw all of your diet books away and we'll help you find your perfect diet.