The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2
General · 23 January 2022
In Part 1 we looked at the overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of getting more Vitamin D in your life. Whether that’s to prevent cancer and heart disease, improve sleep and chronic fatigue, boost your happiness and mental health or just getting in shape. Now we're going to get stuck into specific recommendations and practical advice that's easy to implement wherever you are, and whatever you do, in The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2.
The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 1
General · 16 January 2022
We’re told to eat less and move more to be healthier and happier. And whilst that’s true to certain extent, both require considerable effort. Many of us have tried, and failed, on both fronts. So what else can we do? What else, aside from food and exercise, has such a massive impact on our mental and physical health? It is, of course, Vitamin D and it comes from the sun. By the end of this article you will be 100% convinced that this is the #1 way to boost your health and happiness.

The Dummies Guide to Meditation - For Busy Executives
Mental Resilience · 26 November 2021
Too busy to meditate? Suspect it’s a waste of time? Tried it but have too much of a jumpy mind? Then this guide is exactly what you need. We’ve put this guide together for the busy executive in mind who is pressed for time. We are going to look at the most effective meditation techniques and then “bling them up” to make them even more powerful than normal. Can you change your life in only 3 minutes a day? Check out The Dummies Guide to Meditation - For Busy Executives and find out.
Healthy Nutrition for Kids in Singapore
Diet · 05 November 2021
You want your kids to be fit, strong, healthy and happy right? But there’s so much noise out there in the media, in government guidelines and on social that it’s very confusing. You worry you’re not providing them with the right nutrition. At Levitise we’re really passionate about helping our kids have the best start in life. So we’ve put together this no-nonsense article, that will answer all of your burning questions, about how to take care of healthy nutrition for your kids in Singapore.

Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 3: Detoxification
General · 15 October 2021
Toxicity leads to cellular toxicity which leads to DNA damage which leads to cellular mutations which lead to cancer and other serious diseases. This is the reason we want to reduce toxicity in our lives. In part 1 we looked at the toxins in your food. In part 2, toxins in your environment. So now we tie it all together, look at how to prevent toxicity in the first place, and heal from the damage done in Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 3: Detoxification.
Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 2: The Environment
General · 02 October 2021
Last week we looked at food and water. Both critical components to be mindful of to remove toxicity from your life. Today we’re shining the spotlight on everything else. What toxins are you exposed to in your sleep? What are the top household toxins? Are your beauty products poising you on the inside? Which common toxins are linked to brain diseases and cancer? Read on to Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 2: The Environment.

Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 1: Food
General · 25 September 2021
We live in a very different world from our ancestors. In today’s world our immune systems are bombarded on a daily basis with chemical toxins that we are not genetically equipped to deal with. Toxins in our water, in our food, in our air, on our cooking utensils and in our cleaning and beauty products. In the first of this 3 part series we're going to look at toxins in your food and what you can to upgrade your health by reducing your toxic load.
Most Gym Routines Are Wrong and What You Should Be Doing Instead
Fitness · 08 September 2021
We all have busy lives; jobs, families, zoom calls, social engagements etc. And if we are going to add exercise to the mix, for the purpose of getting healthier and feeling better, we want to get the most bang for our buck in terms of time, right? We want to maximise our results in the minimum amount of time. The problem is most gym routines are not set up optimally. So what should you be doing instead?

How to Supersize Your Stress Bucket
Mental Resilience · 24 July 2021
Today’s post was sparked by a conversation in the studio with the team about how to put together a blog post that could really help people with their stress and anxiety with fool proof instructions. At the time of writing (July 2021) we’re going through our third covid lockdown in Singapore, so we thought it was essential to do something on this topic to help as much as possible with the additional frustration everyone’s feeling. Read on to see how to supersize your stress bucket.
The #1 Secret Food Supplement for Weight Loss
Weight Loss · 10 July 2021
I lied. We don’t recommend supplements at Levitise, and we don’t believe that you can pop a pill, or a food, to generate weight loss. You can, however, consume something that massively helps to prevent weight regain, which is far more important than weight loss. Why? Read on.

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