18 September 2019
Nowadays many people understand the importance of rest and recovery for boosting athletic performance. What is often not talked about is that there are some tools that can help you speed up the muscle recovery process, with one of them being the full spectrum infrared sauna. In this article, we dive deep on how the regular use of an infrared sauna can help ease muscle soreness and boost muscle recovery.
04 September 2019
Can strength training help prevent cancer? How about cardiovascular and other diseases? Is strength training better than cardio? What does the scientific evidence suggest? We’ve spent weeks pouring over the research to give you the lowdown on whether or not this is an effective strategy for you to prevent cancer and improve your longevity and quality of life in Singapore.

23 August 2019
Are you in your late 40s, 50s or 60s and worried about your poor memory and declining cognitive function? Regardless of how old you currently are, there are a myriad of lifestyle factors you can adopt to prevent the exacerbation of memory problems. A regular strength training regime is just one of them. Read on to find out why and how it helps.
14 August 2019
Are you thinking about starting an exercise programme to help your weight loss goals but not sure how often you should exercise? Maybe you've already started and your progress has stalled. Or maybe you're doing too much! No matter, check out our definitive guide on how to determine your ideal weekly exercise frequency.

06 August 2019
Are you feeling an increasing lack of confidence, having relationship issues, stressing about work, low sex drive or even feelings of purposelessness? A lack of testosterone could be the root cause of your problems. So check out our guide to boosting testosterone naturally.
25 July 2019
Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, fluctuating energy levels and relying on stimulants are all warning signs that you could be on the way to a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. In today's blog we discuss how using a full spectrum infrared sauna, couple with exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle changes can help Singaporeans reverse chronic fatigue and start feeling awesome again.

11 July 2019
Honestly, who doesn’t want to lose a bit of weight? We feel more confident, can fit into our old jeans and skinny black dresses, have more energy and spend more time doing the things we love. For some of us working on our diet and exercise plan works great but for others it’s either hard to get started or they’ve tried and failed. So what are some of the other ways we can turn to help us with our weight loss goals? Can sitting in an infrared sauna really help? We reveal everything in this post.
30 June 2019
Are you an endurance athlete, sportsman or just looking to improve on your exercise goals? Have you made a bunch of nutrition and lifestyle changes but are still not getting the results you are looking for? In this post we look at essential nutrition for sports athletes in Singapore and shine the spotlight on nutritional density, calories, toxicity, macronutrient ratios and electrolytes and how they contribute to your success and smashing your goals.

16 June 2019
Are you still not recovering from that injury you’ve had for the last ten years? Maybe it’s all in your head! The concept that your thoughts have power over your body has been proven to be helpful for people suffering from chronic pain. So if you're keen on understanding the link between your thoughts and their role in effective pain management then, read this article now.
16 May 2019
Back pain, and particularly low back pain, is one of the most common complaints amongst not just Singapore office workers but Singaporeans in all professions. It’s debilitating, annoying, frustrating, upsetting and quite frankly a right pain in the….back! In this blog we take a look at how hydration, exercise, nutrition and leaky gut all contribute to this exasperating condition and how to go about fixing it permanently.

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