09 February 2018
Bincho is a great little authentic yakitori joint serving the best quality chicken in Singapore. It’s the first true nose-to-tail restaurant we’ve reviewed so far and that’s not the only accolade we’ve lauded on Bincho. So read on in our 12 Spoons Singapore Restaurant Review for the full skinny.
27 January 2018
In this handy guide, we highlight the traits of a best personal trainer in Singapore, how to spot one and why you should care.

26 January 2018
In this article, we look at why type 2 diabetes is on the increase in Singapore and what the key lifestyle changes are that we can make to reverse it.
14 January 2018
Mahota Pantry is super cafe within the brand new Mahota lifestyle concept that offers not only an organic cafe but also a restaurant, supermarket, yoga studio and TCM clinic. It’s the first business of its kind in Singapore and is basically the only comprehensive organic supermarket rival to SuperNature. Read on to see if they broke the 9 Spoons record…

14 January 2018
We look at the pros and cons of various workout routines for desk bound Singaporean women and how they relate to fat loss. We’ll also address the best way to spot a personal trainer who really know’s what she’s talking about…
17 December 2017
In this article, our guest blogger Vincent Lee, a full time practicing Rolfer for 15 years, explains how Rolfing works on connective tissue to release, realign and balance the entire body to reduce and eliminate back pain.

17 December 2017
Ci Yan cafe, having been located on Smith Street since 1997, prides itself on selling healthy local organic vegetarian food. It is a great place to get a boat load of high quality vegetables into your diet at lunchtime at an affordable price while not being too far away from the CBD. Read our full review as we spill the beans on what's great about this cafe.
10 December 2017
In this week’s 12 Spoons Singapore restaurant review we have breakfast at Oh Deli on East Coast Road. Not only do they have a great café serving hearty and healthy grub they also have a gourmet butchery and delicatessen on the premises supplying some truly special produce you can’t find anywhere else on the island. Read on to find out what’s so special about them and whether they broke the 8 spoons record.

10 December 2017
1 in 4 Singaporeans over the age of 30 have high blood pressure, diagnosed as hypertension, and 1 in 2 over the age of 60. In this well researched article, the Levitise team look at the common Singaporean lifestyle factors that contribute to high blood pressure and how you can lower it effectively, holistically and permanently without the use of prescription medical drugs.
03 December 2017
This 100% gluten free restaurant is nestled in the trendy, hipster area of Tiong Bahru. Its the first non organic restaurant we've reviewed but there is a strong focus on local and sustainable produce so its heart is definitely in the right place. Let's see how they got on.

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