How to Supersize Your Stress Bucket
Mental Resilience · 24 July 2021
Today’s post was sparked by a conversation in the studio with the team about how to put together a blog post that could really help people with their stress and anxiety with fool proof instructions. At the time of writing (July 2021) we’re going through our third covid lockdown in Singapore, so we thought it was essential to do something on this topic to help as much as possible with the additional frustration everyone’s feeling. Read on to see how to supersize your stress bucket.
The #1 Secret Food Supplement for Weight Loss
Weight Loss · 10 July 2021
I lied. We don’t recommend supplements at Levitise, and we don’t believe that you can pop a pill, or a food, to generate weight loss. You can, however, consume something that massively helps to prevent weight regain, which is far more important than weight loss. Why? Read on.

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side
Mental Resilience · 28 June 2021
"When I make a bit more money, I’m going to upgrade the car like my neighbour." "This house is not really big enough, life would be better if we had a bit more space like the Joneses." "I wonder how much money I need to retire on?" "I wish I had a bit more time to spend with the kids and pursue the things I enjoy. Bob on Facebook always seems to be having a blast." If you have thoughts like this you're not alone. But why? And what can we do about it to start living the life we want right now?
The Dummies Guide to Fasting in Singapore
Diet · 14 May 2021
There are many benefits to fasting such as weight loss, anti-cancer, heart health, mental health, boosting energy etc. But which type of fast? Intermittent fasting, juice fasting, water fasting, concentrated feeding windows, time restricted eating, religious fasts or long-term fasts? What’s the difference between them all?

Milk and Dairy. Are They Healthy for YOU?
Diet · 23 April 2021
The vegan and paleo crowd would have you believe that drinking milk is worse for your health than eating sticks of dynamite. The dairy industry says it’s the healthiest food in the world and essential for growing children and our bones. The Singapore government recommends we all drink full fat milk but also recognises that 95% of Singapore born Chinese are Lactose intolerant. So, what’s the truth?
Top 10 Tips To Help You Sleep Like a Baby – The Cortisol and Melatonin Dance
Fatigue, Energy, Sleep · 07 April 2021
There are only 2 things you need to worry about when you want to get a good night’s sleep and that’s (1) reducing cortisol and (2) ramping up melatonin. And literally every sleep tip out there basically focuses on doing one, or both, of those things without, usually, even knowing it! We’re going to unpack this in an easy way that you will understand and then give you our Top 10 Tips To Help You Sleep Like a Baby.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Healthy Diet is Not Working for You
Diet · 14 March 2021
“I eat a healthy diet”. What does that mean? It’s very subjective and heavily influenced by our upbringing, the media, our friends and specialists like doctors and nutritionists. For some, eating healthy might mean avoiding fast food like McDonald’s. For others it might mean following a plant based regime. And for others still it might mean avoiding all processed foods. But none of these principles takes into account the real top 3 reasons why your healthy diet is actually not working for you!
Introducing the Best Diet You've Never Heard Of
Diet · 30 January 2021
If you’ve been struggling with problems like weight gain, fatigue, sleep issues, allergies, inflammation, auto-immune conditions and leaky gut then you've probably tried a number of different diets, supplements and other solutions to try and fix your problems. And it's not easy! However, one of the least know cures is also free and one of the simplest. And once you fix your gut issues then you also fix immune problems, sleepless nights, boost your energy and start feeling better all round.

How Lara Overcame Cancer, Regained Her Health, and Launched Her Business
Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Health · 20 January 2021
Lara Quie had the perfect life, she was a successful businesswoman, with a devoted husband and three beautiful daughters. And then she found a lump. She was only 45 years old. And in late 2019 Lara was diagnosed with cancer. Not one to wallow in self-pity, or outsource her health to someone else, Lara decided to act. Not only did she make a full recovery she also found the co courage to start her own business.
5 Steps To Fight Stress and Anxiety
Mental Resilience · 15 January 2021
If you’ve started the New Year feeling like 2021 is not shaping up like you had hoped then you’re not alone. So many people are feeling the same. There was a lot of expectation on 2021 but we still have tons of covid related issues, lockdowns, craziness in the US and big tech continuing to treat us like commodities: censoring, stealing and selling our personal data.

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