Why Everyone Fails to Lose Weight, and What to Do Instead
Weight Loss · 20 June 2022
Ninety-five percent of people who lose weight put it all back on again. And some of those put it back on again and even more as well. I mean look around at your friends, colleagues and relatives and ask yourself, how many have tried to lose weight and failed? How many have lost weight and put it back on again a few months or maybe a year or two later? It always comes back. Why?
Alexander Mearns: My Story
General · 21 May 2022
The other day I was on a call with my business coach discussing 'My Story'. She asked me questions such as, "How did I get to where I am now?", "What challenges did I face on the way?", "How did I deal with stress, anxiety and fear?", "What did I do to overcome them?" After reviewing what I wrote I thought it made pretty good reading with several useful tips on how I run my life and business. So I’m delighted to share it with you here today. Enjoy!

Your 4 Most Effective Stress Busting Techniques
Mental Resilience · 30 March 2022
Fatigue, poor sleep, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, weight gain and more serious problems are all downstream effects of stress and anxiety. And the more stressed and anxious you are the more you slide down the happiness scale from joy and love to despair and depression. So doing something about it is critical which is why, today, we’ve brought you Your 4 Most Effective Stress Busting Techniques.
PRESS RELEASE: Levitise Launches Singapore’s Second Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna at the New Core Collective at i12 Katong Mall
Events · 10 March 2022
Levitise is pleased to be launching a second Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna at the new Core Collective at the recently renovated i12 Katong Mall. The 7000 sq ft space will house medical doctors, allied healthcare professionals, personal trainers and top wellness practitioners creating synergies between them and Levitise’s detoxification and healing sauna programmes.

Top 8 Tips to Kick Sugar Cravings
Diet · 28 February 2022
Sugar is addictive. And quitting sugar is hard. Why? Sugar consumption triggers the release of happy brain chemicals encouraging addictive behaviour. If we don’t get the sugar, we crave it. So what do we do? Just use a bunch of willpower and quit sugar? Or is there a better way?
Do you need to detox?
General · 09 February 2022
If you feel great, all of the time, then you probably don't need to detox. But if you’re not operating at your full capacity then maybe you do. But what are the symptoms? How would you know? What we’ve done is put together 2 naturopathic and functional medical questionnaires for you that will help you know whether you need to detox or not.

The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2
General · 23 January 2022
In Part 1 we looked at the overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of getting more Vitamin D in your life. Whether that’s to prevent cancer and heart disease, improve sleep and chronic fatigue, boost your happiness and mental health or just getting in shape. Now we're going to get stuck into specific recommendations and practical advice that's easy to implement wherever you are, and whatever you do, in The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2.
The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 1
General · 16 January 2022
We’re told to eat less and move more to be healthier and happier. And whilst that’s true to certain extent, both require considerable effort. Many of us have tried, and failed, on both fronts. So what else can we do? What else, aside from food and exercise, has such a massive impact on our mental and physical health? It is, of course, Vitamin D and it comes from the sun. By the end of this article you will be 100% convinced that this is the #1 way to boost your health and happiness.

The Dummies Guide to Meditation - For Busy Executives
Mental Resilience · 26 November 2021
Too busy to meditate? Suspect it’s a waste of time? Tried it but have too much of a jumpy mind? Then this guide is exactly what you need. We’ve put this guide together for the busy executive in mind who is pressed for time. We are going to look at the most effective meditation techniques and then “bling them up” to make them even more powerful than normal. Can you change your life in only 3 minutes a day? Check out The Dummies Guide to Meditation - For Busy Executives and find out.
Healthy Nutrition for Kids in Singapore
Diet · 05 November 2021
You want your kids to be fit, strong, healthy and happy right? But there’s so much noise out there in the media, in government guidelines and on social that it’s very confusing. You worry you’re not providing them with the right nutrition. At Levitise we’re really passionate about helping our kids have the best start in life. So we’ve put together this no-nonsense article, that will answer all of your burning questions, about how to take care of healthy nutrition for your kids in Singapore.

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