Singapore's first 12 Spoons restaurant reviews

The 12 Spoons restaurant review is the Weston A. Price Foundation's answer to the Michelin guide. This review was created with the intention of helping Singaporeans find the healthiest eating places around the island. In addition, it also functions to draw attention to eating places that serve really high quality foods, organic fruits and vegetables, locally sourced food, organ meats and of course, pastured grass fed and naturally reared animals and fish.

Western A Price foundation singapore 12 spoons restaurant review

How the rating system works

An eating place can secure a spoon for any of the 12 benchmarks established by the Western A Price foundation that indicate healthy and wholesome food. A restaurant, or cafe, with just a few spoons, for example, signifies that the eatery has several decent dishes. On the other hand, a 12-Spoon eating place indicates that the eatery is an exceptional place to get a large variety of high quality dishes.


The 12 Spoons are:

1. From scratch

Serves mostly (i.e., more than half of the menu) fresh food, prepared from scratch

2. Local/Organic

Offers at least some locally sourced and/or organically produced food and/or wild-caught seafood.

3. Pastured

Offers at least some pastured animal foods.

4. Organs

Offers some dishes made with organ meats.

5. Cooking Fats

Cooks (sautés) in natural fats.

6. Bone Broth

Makes own bone broths/stocks for use in soups, stews, gravies, and sauces.

7. Seasonings

Makes own seasoning mixes. 

8. Salad Oils

Makes own salad dressings using olive oil or cold-pressed sesame oil.

9. Breads

Offers genuine sourdough bread.

10. Beverages

Offers lacto-fermented beverages. 

11. Condiments

Offers lacto-fermented foods.

12. Desserts

Offers desserts made in house with natural sweeteners.

Restaurant review directory

Below are a list of restaurants, cafes and other eateries we have reviewed. We hope you will enjoy reading the reviews as much as we loved writing them for you.


If you would like to suggest restaurants for us to review then, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Verde Kitchen

Published on the 19th of April 2018

Proudly supporting local farmers, using certified organic meats and wild caught seafood, Verde Kitchen is the perfect place to go to for a high-quality meal in Singapore. Discover more about Verde Kitchen’s food as we share our experience at the restaurant on bustling Wednesday afternoon.

Bincho Yakitori

Published on the 9th of February 2018


Bincho is a great little authentic yakitori joint serving the best quality chicken in Singapore. It’s the first true nose-to-tail restaurant we’ve reviewed so far and that’s not the only accolade we’ve lauded on Bincho. So, read on in our 12 Spoons Singapore Restaurant Review for the full skinny.

Mahota Pantry

Published on 14th January 2018


Mahota Pantry is super cafe within the brand new Mahota lifestyle concept that offers not only an organic cafe but also a restaurant, supermarket, yoga studio and TCM clinic. It’s the first business of its kind in Singapore and is basically the only comprehensive organic supermarket rival to SuperNature. Read on to see if they broke the 9 Spoons record…

Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Cafe

Published on 17th December 2017


Ci Yan cafe, having been located on Smith Street since 1997, prides itself on selling healthy local organic vegetarian food. It is a great place to get a boat load of high quality vegetables into your diet at lunchtime at an affordable price while, not being too far away from the CBD. Read our full review as we spill the beans on what's great about this cafe.


Oh Deli Cafe, Butchery and Delicatessen

Published on 10th December 2017


Oh Deli is a great café that serves hearty and healthy grub. They also have a gourmet butchery and delicatessen on the premises supplying some truly special produce you can’t find anywhere else on the island.  Read on to find out what’s so special about them and whether they broke the 8 spoons record.

Open Door Policy

Reviewed on 3rd December 2017


This 100% gluten free restaurant is nestled in the trendy, hipster area of Tiong Bahru. It is the first non organic restaurant we've reviewed but there is a strong focus on local and sustainable produce so its heart is definitely in the right place. Let's see how they got on.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

The Rebel Pie at Kitchen by Food Rebel

Published on 24th November 2017


Kitchen by Food Rebel is one of the only handful of places in Singapore than specialises in organic and non-vegetarian food. We tucked in on a busy Friday lunch and award them with their spoons. How many did they get?

Real Food Cafe Orchard Central

Published on 12th November 2017


Real Food Café is the undisputed heavyweight king of organic vegetarian cuisine in Singapore. We reviewed their flagship shiny new Orchard Central outlet and awarded them ? out of 12 spoons...

SuperNature Cafe

Supernature cafe singapore

Published on 5th November 2017


Perfect for those around Orchard, SuperNature Cafe serves DIY organic plates by the gram. There is even an organic grocery store attached to the cafe where you can do your weekly grocery shopping!

Como Cuisine

Published on 29th October 2017


With a vision to set up a restaurant unique from others, Como Cuisine, remains one of Singapore’s most formidable organic fine dining restaurants. Nevertheless, the big question challenged here is, did the Como Cuisine manage to fulfil all the 12 standards that make an eatery truly healthy? 

The Living Cafe

The Living Cafe Singapore restaurant review

Published on 22nd October 2017


This establishment focuses on dishing out tasty meals that use particularly chosen and sourced organic foods, where attainable, and then, carefully incorporate them to get the best flavour. Want to know whether it was a culinary hit or miss?