Executive Coaching at Levitise

You’re in your 40s or 50s and have a successful career. Maybe you work in investment banking, fund management or law.


Life should be good but something's not quite right … right?


Maybe your life feels like a bit of a grind, and it's daunting to think about leaving your job for something new when you're getting older and have financial responsibilities. The idea of starting a business is equally scary because of the fear of failure.

Richard Nelson, Partner

"I have been with the Levitise team for nearly 4 months now and have been thoroughly impressed by their attitude and professionalism.


"The emphasis is on holistic health which for me had focused on strength and conditioning and life coaching."


"I am a 49 year old bloke in need of help and support and I have definitely found it here. Cannot endorse Alex and team enough."

Introducing New, Healthy Habits, When You’re Older Is Much Harder Than When You Were in Your 20s

Even though you have money and a loving family, happiness seems elusive. You want to make positive changes like incorporating healthy habits - exercise, a balanced diet, more sleep - but it's a struggle. Somehow, other priorities always seem to take precedence.


Maybe you're also dealing with specific health issues that your regular doctor hasn't been able to address.

Christopher Jenkins, Director, Quantexa

"Highly recommend! Had the pleasure of working with Alex and the team this year and it has been an invaluable experience."


"Super personalised to my needs, lifestyle and objectives. The sense of community Levitise fosters among their clients is truly remarkable."


"My individual preferences, dietary restrictions, health concerns, work life balance, fitness regime and hectic travel schedule were all factored in, to create a plan I was able to integrate with very little effort."


"Really happy with the results. Thanks team"

Levitise’s Client’s are Senior Executives in their 40s and 50s Looking to Solve these Exact Problems

Since 2017 we've been working with investment bankers, hedge fund managers, traders, family offices, lawyers to solve these problems.


Coming from financial and corporate backgrounds ourselves we understand the issues and have applied our expert knowledge to help many people solve their problems, get their lives back on track and achieve their goals with executive coaching.

Alex - Health and Nutrition Coach (left); Darren - Executive and Business Coach (right)
Alex - Health and Nutrition Coach (left); Darren - Executive and Business Coach (right)

Shyamol Bansal, Entrepreneur

"Earlier this year, I sought Levitise's assistance during a challenging period at work, and I was amazed by the comprehensive and personalized approach they offered."


"Thanks to their dedicated support, I have successfully navigated the hurdles in my corporate job and emerged with a renewed sense of energy and optimism, ultimately embarking on my own entrepreneurial journey. Alex and his team take a deeply personal and holistic approach to the well-being and success of their clients, setting them apart from others in the field."


"If you're seeking a personalized and effective approach to holistic wellness and coaching, look no further than Levitise."

3 Steps to Relieving Stress, Anxiety Finding Your Ikigai and Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Contact us we will reach out to you for a free 15 minute call to find out a bit more about you, and whether we can help you


We will invite you down to the studio for a 60 minute consultation (also free). You talk, we listen. We are interested in your physical health concerns, your wellbeing, your health and lifestyle goals.


If we have a good fit, we will recommend the next course of action to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Andrew Gillan, Investment Professional

“lower stress, better sleep & more flexibility”


"I have been a Levitise client for a number of years now and worked with Alex, Shiwani and Elise."


"The combination of helping me manage stress levels in addition to supporting my physical health with saunas and mobility work has been great for me".

What have some of our clients achieved with executive coaching before? What sort of solutions can I expect?

You can expect to …

  • relieve stress, anxiety and worry
  • boost your energy and start sleeping like a baby
  • boost your confidence and improve your relationships
  • improve job satisfaction and productivity or maybe even quit and start your own business
  • take back control and start enjoying your life again

Bill Bryant, Business & Management Leader

"The LEVITISE team has been fantastic and made a meaningful difference to my way forward. I am approaching a transition in my life which I wanted to do with a little more purpose and structure.


"Easy, open and honest discussions assessed the approach needed and then we got going. Shiwani as coach has been nothing short of amazing. Excellent at lifting out the underlying issues, thoughts and limiting beliefs and then getting one to redirect thinking in a sound and well supported way. Alex has kept a regular check on progress and been generally a great support for me along the process! Strongly recommend that if you are are looking for support in a change you are considering or have to navigate to use their services - it’s much more than coaching so whilst I use that service there is much more besides around health and wellness that can be of great benefit."