Weight Loss

Why Everyone Fails to Lose Weight, and What to Do Instead
Weight Loss · 20 June 2022
Ninety-five percent of people who lose weight put it all back on again. And some of those put it back on again and even more as well. I mean look around at your friends, colleagues and relatives and ask yourself, how many have tried to lose weight and failed? How many have lost weight and put it back on again a few months or maybe a year or two later? It always comes back. Why?
The #1 Secret Food Supplement for Weight Loss
Weight Loss · 10 July 2021
I lied. We don’t recommend supplements at Levitise, and we don’t believe that you can pop a pill, or a food, to generate weight loss. You can, however, consume something that massively helps to prevent weight regain, which is far more important than weight loss. Why? Read on.

Weight Loss · 14 August 2019
Are you thinking about starting an exercise programme to help your weight loss goals but not sure how often you should exercise? Maybe you've already started and your progress has stalled. Or maybe you're doing too much! No matter, check out our definitive guide on how to determine your ideal weekly exercise frequency.
Weight Loss · 11 July 2019
Honestly, who doesn’t want to lose a bit of weight? We feel more confident, can fit into our old jeans and skinny black dresses, have more energy and spend more time doing the things we love. For some of us working on our diet and exercise plan works great but for others it’s either hard to get started or they’ve tried and failed. So what are some of the other ways we can turn to help us with our weight loss goals? Can sitting in an infrared sauna really help? We reveal everything in this post.

Weight Loss · 06 March 2019
The biggest fallacy in weight loss is the assumption that once you lose weight you will keep it off for ever. This is what many of us dream will be the case, which leads us to quick-fix solutions like crash diets and HIIT, but in reality for the majority it just doesn’t work. Why is that? What are we doing wrong? And what should we be doing to fit into our skinny jeans or little black dresses?
Weight Loss · 09 February 2019
We don't necessarily advocate hard core body building as the healthiest pursuit in the world but there's nothing wrong with wanting a better body and the extra confidence that comes with it. I mean who doesn't want to look good naked? So check out our article to ensure you're on the right track with your diet, exercise, sleep and stress management regime in order to get the body of your dreams!

Weight Loss · 12 November 2017
This article is the second part of a two part article on how to manage your weight using Levitise's 10 Elements approach. We elaborate on how staying hydrated, maintaining a clean environment, proper social support, positive thinking and sunlight can impact your weight loss progress. Read more to learn how an appraisal of the remaining 5 Elements will allow for a customised program to support healthy behaviours so you successfully achieve your weight management goals.
Weight Loss · 05 November 2017
In the first part of a two part article, we share how Levitise’s Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches look at the first 5 of the 10 Elements that include, movement, nutrition, sleep, breathing, thinking, to help you successfully attain your weight loss goals. This complete assessment ensures that all aspects of your life is taken into consideration so that change becomes permanent. Click to read how the first 5 Elements can help you manage and lose weight.