Levitise was established with a few simple concepts in mind to satisfy the needs of both the clients and the employees:

  • To provide our clients with the best possible holistic advice and training to achieving optimal health, happiness and longevity
  • To provide our employees with an enjoyable working environment
  • To provide our employees with the opportunity to progress all the way from fresh graduate, through to senior coaches and eventually as franchise business owner
  • To provide our employees with a lucrative career

As you can see 3 out of our 4 objectives are actually focused on our employees and not the client. Our vision for Levitise balances the needs of our clients by spending as much time as possible ensuring that our employees are happy, motivated and enthusiastic.

In return we ask that all of our new recruits, no matter how junior or senior have the following soft skills:

  • Enthusiastic about helping people to achieve optimal health, happiness and longevity
  • Flexible in their approach to applying client solutions
  • Understand, if not be familiar with, the 10 essential inputs to achieve optimal health through breathing, movement, emotions, nutrition, thinking, hydration, sleep, social, sunlight and minimising toxins.

If this sounds like you then feel free to read on to know more about the positions we have available below:

Open positions

We currently have no open positions but we always love to meet like minded individuals so feel free to get in contact for a cup of organic tea and a chat.