Do Vegetable Seed Oils Cause Faulty Wiring in Your Brain?
Diet · 29 March 2024
In this blog we explore the impact of vegetable seed oils, high in omega-6 fatty acids, on brain health. We discuss rising rates of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders like ADHD, autism, Alzheimer's, and dementia, linking them to omega-6 consumption. And we look at the scientific studies that support this and the shift in modern diets towards higher omega-6 intake and lower omega-3 intake.
The Worst Food in the War on Fat
Diet · 14 June 2023
Weight gain and obesity are on the rise. No question of that. 74% of Americans are overweight and 40% of Singaporeans. In the 1970s we were told that saturated fat was the problem. So we cut that out of our diets, and we got fatter. Then we were told it was sugar and refined carbohydrates. So we reduced that in our foods, and we still got fatter. What's going on? We reveal all in our blog on the worst food in the war on fat.

Top 8 Tips to Kick Sugar Cravings
Diet · 28 February 2022
Sugar is addictive. And quitting sugar is hard. Why? Sugar consumption triggers the release of happy brain chemicals encouraging addictive behaviour. If we don’t get the sugar, we crave it. So what do we do? Just use a bunch of willpower and quit sugar? Or is there a better way?
Healthy Nutrition for Kids in Singapore
Diet · 05 November 2021
You want your kids to be fit, strong, healthy and happy right? But there’s so much noise out there in the media, in government guidelines and on social that it’s very confusing. You worry you’re not providing them with the right nutrition. At Levitise we’re really passionate about helping our kids have the best start in life. So we’ve put together this no-nonsense article, that will answer all of your burning questions, about how to take care of healthy nutrition for your kids in Singapore.

The Dummies Guide to Fasting in Singapore
Diet · 14 May 2021
There are many benefits to fasting such as weight loss, anti-cancer, heart health, mental health, boosting energy etc. But which type of fast? Intermittent fasting, juice fasting, water fasting, concentrated feeding windows, time restricted eating, religious fasts or long-term fasts? What’s the difference between them all?
Milk and Dairy. Are They Healthy for YOU?
Diet · 23 April 2021
The vegan and paleo crowd would have you believe that drinking milk is worse for your health than eating sticks of dynamite. The dairy industry says it’s the healthiest food in the world and essential for growing children and our bones. The Singapore government recommends we all drink full fat milk but also recognises that 95% of Singapore born Chinese are Lactose intolerant. So, what’s the truth?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Healthy Diet is Not Working for You
Diet · 14 March 2021
“I eat a healthy diet”. What does that mean? It’s very subjective and heavily influenced by our upbringing, the media, our friends and specialists like doctors and nutritionists. For some, eating healthy might mean avoiding fast food like McDonald’s. For others it might mean following a plant based regime. And for others still it might mean avoiding all processed foods. But none of these principles takes into account the real top 3 reasons why your healthy diet is actually not working for you!
Introducing the Best Diet You've Never Heard Of
Diet · 30 January 2021
If you’ve been struggling with problems like weight gain, fatigue, sleep issues, allergies, inflammation, auto-immune conditions and leaky gut then you've probably tried a number of different diets, supplements and other solutions to try and fix your problems. And it's not easy! However, one of the least know cures is also free and one of the simplest. And once you fix your gut issues then you also fix immune problems, sleepless nights, boost your energy and start feeling better all round.

Diet · 26 September 2020
There are several health benefits that can be achieved from going on a plant based vegan diet. But you can also get the same benefits whilst still including meat and fish in your diet without the consequences of muscle wasting and impaired cognitive function. Here's 5 reasons why.
Diet · 11 June 2020
Research has shown that whilst the quality of the produce you consume is important, it is also equally significant to look at the times at which you eat during the day. Getting this wrong leads to weight gain, or accumulated weight around the mid section, poor insulin/blood sugar regulation and elevated stress. In this article we'll explain how bio-circadian nutrition works and why it’s the most beneficial eating approach for everyone across the planet in the long run.

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