Introducing the Best Diet You've Never Heard Of

…that’s also the most effective

This diet is not about removing an entire macronutrient food group such as:

  • Typical government recommended diets: high carbohydrates (carb), low fat
  • Ketogenic (keto), low carbohydrate and Atkins diets: low carb, high fat
  • Bodybuilding diets: low carb, low fat, high protein

It’s not about restricting food groups such as

  • Vegan and vegetarian diets: animal and fish foods
  • Paleo diets: grains, beans and dairy

And it’s certainly not a calorie restriction diet such as:

  • Weight Watchers: calorie counting
  • Herbalife: meal replacement with shakes
  • Juicing: replacing food with juices

In fact, everything is allowed[1], all you have to do is rotate your food every day on a 4 day rotation.

Introducing the Best Diet You've Never Heard Of
Introducing the Best Diet You've Never Heard Of

The Rotation Diet

Here’s how it works. On day 1 you have a limited list of food ingredients you can eat. You can eat as much as you like from a fixed group of foods. And then you can’t eat those foods again for 3 days. For example, on day 1 you have chicken, rice, cabbage, eggs, apples and carrots. You can eat as much as you like when you want. But on day 2, 3 and 4 you cannot eat those foods until day 1 again. On day 2 you have a different list of foods such as beef, potatoes, pumpkin, onions, berries and nuts. You can eat as much as you like on that day but not on days 3, 4 and 1.


Another example. Lets say you have bread on day 2. Bread is mostly wheat flour which means you can't consume any products containing wheat flour on days 1, 3 and 4. So that means pizza, pasta, cookie, cakes, croissants, biscuits etc. could only be consumed on day 2. Of course all diets are going to be more successful if you avoid junk food and processed foods at all times. But if those are a frequent part of your life at the moment then the rotation diet will severely restrict them. This version of the diet is called "the training rotation diet", more details below.

7 Reasons Why Rotation Diets Work When Others Fail

1. By rotating your food you decrease the load on your immune system. If you are intolerant of any foods (and you don’t know it), sensitive to toxicity in foods (pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, heavy metals) you’ll reduce the load on your immune systems by giving it a chance to rest in between rotations. This will reduce fatigue and lethargy and boost your energy levels.


2. The average person gets 80% of their calories from only 10 to 12 different foods and most people only consume 30 different foods in total. It’s very unlikely that you'll meet all your micronutrient (minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients) needs on such a limited diet. Rotating your foods forces you to eat a wider variety of foods and hence increase your micronutrient intake.

7 Reasons Why Rotation Diets Work
7 Reasons Why Rotation Diets Work

3. As above by eating different types of foods from different sources you’re decreasing the amount of similar toxins you’re consuming from commercial farming practices and from plant toxins (yes plants can be toxic in large doses)


4. If you have any kind of food intolerances your immune system can be inflamed for up to 72 hours because food retention in a normal working gastrointestinal tract (mouth to colon) is between 56 and 72 hours. Rotating your food over gives it a chance to calm down making it easier for you to identify problematic foods without going on a strict elimination diet.


5. Rotation dieting is one of the best ways to heal and seal a leaky gut. You’re reducing the amount of inflammation but getting the food variety to ensure adequate amino acids to heal the small intestine and fiber for the large intestine.

Rotation dieting - one of the best ways to heal and seal a leaky gut
Rotation dieting - one of the best ways to heal and seal a leaky gut

6. Rotation dieting is amazing for weight loss because it forces you not to overeat foods that are bad for you, foods that you emotionally crave, and foods that you are addicted too.


7. The rotation diet forces you into a more intimate and educational relationship with your food. The more we respect, understand and learn about our food the less likely we are to treat our bodies’ like a human dustbin and expect to get away with it!

Wrapping Up

There are 3 types of rotation diet that we learned how to implement at Paul Chek’s Holistic Lifestyle Centre in San Diego[2].


Training Rotation Diet

The training rotation diet is the simplest. You note down on a pad (or on your phone) everything you ate that day. You can’t eat those foods again for 3 days. Be careful though that you don’t go crazy on day 1 and leave yourself with nothing left that you like on day 4!


Standard Rotation Diet

This is the standard diet as talk at the CHEK institute and in Paul Chek’s book, How to Eat Move and Be Healthy[3]. It concentrates on rotating proteins and carbohydrates. If you want a copy of the list of foods items I suggest getting hold of a copy of the book.


Standard Rotation Diet: Levitise Modifications for the Asian diet

We took the standard diet and adapted it for the Asian palette by adding in specific Asian vegetables, herbs, spices and fish not normally found in the West. For example, pak choi is taxonomically in the Brassica rapa family so sits in the same day as mustard, choy sum, Chinese cabbage and turnips.


Medical Grade Rotation Diet

As the standard rotation diet but includes rotating everything down to the finest detail include oils, fats, salt and pepper.


Interestingly if you take an IgG food allergy test with ImuPro[4] in Singapore then they also recommend rotation dieting. So, I hope that gives a good introduction to this type of diet and its benefits. It really is quite an amazing tool in the hands of a knowledge practitioner the main downside is that it requires a bit of preparation, planning and willpower to see it through. However, if you’ve been struggling with weight gain, fatigue, sleep problems, allergies, inflammation, auto-immune conditions, leaky gut for years and years then this is probably one of the fastest ways to work out what’s causing the problem.


To your health, happiness and longevity,


Alex Mearns


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[1] When we say everything is allowed we would, of course, always recommend avoiding junk food and processed food irrespective of which diet you follow

[2] Holistic Lifestyle Coaching: Level 2

[3] How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy! (2nd Edition): Your Personalized 4-Step Guide to Looking and Feeling Great from the Inside Out

[4] Who we get a discount with!

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