About Levitise

Levitise is Singapore’s only all-encompassing health and wellness centre for senior executives. We provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching, corrective exercise and personal training to help people improve and optimise their way of life.


Levitise's coaches specialise in helping you deal with, and avoid common, health concerns in Singapore such as weight management issues, sleep disorders, hormone imbalances, stress & anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue, diabetes and more serious complications without the use of medical drugs. Working in harmony with our nutrition and lifestyle coaches, our personal trainers specialise in solving back, neck and shoulder pain, improving joint flexibility, weight management, endurance conditioning and injury rehabilitation.


We have a full spectrum infrared sauna (near, mid and far) with low EMF, ELF & MF emissions that everyone loves for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, pain relief and for generally optimising health.

Our one of a kind concept

At Levitise we don’t just look at one aspect of your life, like medical doctors who focus purely on symptoms or nutritionists who focus on food. We look at a multitude of factors that contribute to your health and happiness and our unique 10-Point Lifestyle Assessment covers:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Breathing
  • Emotions
  • Hydration
  • Environment
  • Social life
  • Thinking
  • Sunlight

Also, by only offering one-on-one consultations, we concentrate fully on ensuring that our programs are always suited to meet your goals and needs. 

Your integrated dream team

Levitise is a truly holistic and integrated practice. Holistic insofar as we look at all aspects of your life in order to find successful solutions to your problems, and integrated in that we always work together, as a team, to come up with the most efficient holistic lifestyle programs tailored to your needs. We all have our own areas of specialities which is why our combined approach always delivers the most balanced solution for you.

Elise - Senior Personal Trainer

Elise spent several years as a humanitarian NGO worker in a number of fascinating locations such as Pakistan, Thailand and DR Congo. After a few scares, she decided that a safer career might be in order!


Deeply passionate about helping people improve their lives, and reuniting with her passion for exercise, she took up personal training courses at prestigious schools such as the National Academy for Sports Medicine and the CHEK Institute.


Elise is a perfectionist who always searches for the ideal solution to help clients with neck, shoulder, and back pain, injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, digestive issues and weight management.


Elise is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, CHEK Exercise Coach, and CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Alex - Holistic Health Practitioner & Founder of Levitise

After 20 years in the finance industry Alex left the corporate world in late 2017 to start Levitise. After successfully curing himself of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and dropping 13kg in the process he realised that Singapore was severely lacking in a truly holistic and integrative solution to address our common lifestyle complaints. So he founded Levitise to fill that void.


Alex is passionate about all things health and fitness related and specialises in helping people with fatigue, hormone imbalances, sleep disorders, stress & anxiety, weight management and other more complicated and serious diseases.


Alex is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Functional Medical Diagnostic Practitioner.

Shiwani Gurwara, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Shiwani joined Levitise as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and is the perfect fit for us as she understands exactly the kind of people we love working with. Shiwani has a rich background working in international organisations in senior positions, managing her own business and looking after her own family.


Since leaving the corporate world, Shiwani has become a successful Lifestyle Coach specialised in working with senior executives managing stress and anxiety, boosting energy, weight loss and achieving mental peace.


Shiwani is a Certified Empowerment Coach (International Coaching Federation), a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Practitioner from the Achology Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and is currently studying Nutrition and Lifestyle Management.


We're so thrilled to have her join our humble practice and are excited to start taking on new clients.

Darren Brunton, Executive Coach

Darren spent 14 years in the British Military of which 7 years served with Commando forces, now the CEO of two Singapore companies and has a history of working in high risk and high pressure environments.


As an Executive Coach, Darren specialises in working with senior management and C suite executives who have high stress situations and scenarios that potentially lead to crisis, stress, anxiety and uncertainty. His 20 years of owning and running his companies with global clients, enables him to provide broad range coaching for business, entrepreneurship, work, career, leadership and management related challenges.


Darren is all about solving problems by forward thinking with a positive mindset and by utilising his beliefs in lifelong learning, turning challenges and fears into opportunities, his executive coaching practice helps individuals achieve their goals such as achieving a clear the pathway of choice and action.


Darren has lived in Asia since the early 90s and has coached individuals from multidisciplinary industries such as banking, government, regulators, education, construction, oil and gas.

Yi Xuan, Personal Trainer

Yi Xuan - Personal Trainer, Levitise, Singapore
Yi Xuan - Personal Trainer, Levitise, Singapore

Yi Xuan is the most recent addition to the Levitise team and specialises in progressing our clients, who have been through a period of corrective exercise, on to the next stage of their health and fitness journey; resistance exercises, strength training and sports conditioning.


But Yi Xuan is not your typical beef cake trainer from Mickey Mouse Fitness! She has a Sport Science Degree and specialises in hooking people up to near-infrared spectroscopy machines and measuring their neural activity whilst performing resistance training exercises. And her research has been published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science In Sports.


Yi Xuan is an avid sports enthusiast and part of the Health Geeks Podcast team.

Your second home

Levitise is conveniently located in a cosy part of Singapore's central business district. With a relaxing ambience and a touch of sophistication, this is an ideal place for you to heal yourself and focus on what’s truly important, you!


The centre has client consultation rooms, a private Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna with en-suite bathroom, a well equipped studio with high end equipment, a relaxation area and male and female bathrooms. All these contribute in making our lifestyle centre as inviting as possible, serving as a form of upscale urban escape where you can detach from the world to focus on your health, happiness and longevity.

"Thank you for being such a great holistic life coach. I have learned a lot from you, and much of it has already made a really positive impact on the way I live. Your energy and authenticity have been inspiring."

Vincent Chew, 50 - Father,  Investment Manager