6 reasons why working out with your husband or wife is better than going solo!

I am sure you’re aware that physical fitness is crucial for optimal health, happiness and longevity. So there’s no better way to motivate our better halves to get started on their fitness journey than encouraging them to train with us. Why not take your spouse’s hand and invite him or her to be your new exercise partner? Here are 6 awesome reasons why you definitely need to engage in our Husband and Wife Personal Training Programme that guarantees you will get the results you want and deserve.

1. Increase feelings of happiness and closeness with your spouse

Research reveals that after couples engage in a fun and moderately challenging workout together, they describe feeling happier and more connected with their significant other1,2. Why? Well, whenever both of you engage in a sport or physical exercise together, you are sharing the objective of getting healthy and making fitness a part of your lifestyle. This experience of having shared goals evokes feelings of closeness, intimacy and happiness. What also fuels the romantic connection is the physical arousal and not how novel or difficult the exercise is. So if you are interested in increasing the quality of your relationship our Husband and Wife Personal Training Programme is perfect for you. 

2. Achieve your goals faster with your spouse

Healthy competition is a good thing and actually boosts performance. One study clearly demonstrated that participants perform better when they are paired up with a workout partner. When you pair up with a partner it produces an effect known as the Köhler Effect, or simply put: not wanting to be the weakest link3


By having your spouse as your exercise buddy, it’ll help you perform better. It will push the two of you to go beyond your existing capabilities so that you are both able to reach your respective goals a lot quicker. But hey, just because there’s some healthy competition who says you cannot have fun as well!

3. Consistency and motivation

Research shows that working out with your spouse helps both parties stay consistent and committed to their workout routines. When one may be having a motivational dip the other is there to help pick up and support them - and vice versa.

4. Working out becomes fun

You can get a good workout in without always having an intense look on your face the whole time! Seriously, it’s really okay to enjoy yourself whilst working out. In fact, the more enjoyable your workouts are, the more you’re going to look forward to exercising and the greater your commitment will be to the programme over the long run. It is without a doubt that having your spouse workout alongside you makes everything more fun.


Constantly exercising alone can get quite lonely after some time. So, simply being next to someone, like your spouse, while you exercise - being able to laugh, chat and support one another – will make the workouts much more pleasant.

5. Guaranteed quality time

When busy schedules get in the way, it is understandable that it can be a rather challenging task to set aside some time for both you and your spouse. Yes you can set date nights but even pre-planned activities like these can, more often than not, get postponed because of work, kids and other commitments. That being said, if you’re already dedicating some time during the day to exercise then, why not reap the many benefits of doing it together?

6. Save money whilst getting the same amount of attention from your trainer

I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to? Training with a partner affords significant savings over training individually and you still get the coaches’ dedicated attention that’s required to help you adhere to a customised and personalised programme. This is your golden opportunity to earn some bang for your buck as you workout together and even squeeze in that bonding couple-time as you take your fitness to the next level!

The programme

Convinced that this is one of the best things you could do for you and your spouse’s wellbeing and save money at the same time? 


Then you would not want to miss out on our Husband and Wife Personal Training Programme. This is seriously the best programme in the market that will help you get the results you truly desire!


If you are eager to learn more about what this programme entails then contact us here and one of our friendly coaches will get straight back to you.

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