Personal Training

Would you like to lose a few pounds, look good in the mirror, boost your confidence and take back control of your health but just the thought of going to the local gym gives you the willies?


Maybe you’ve never set foot in the gym before and are maybe put off by all the young “hunks” flexing in front of the mirror? Or maybe you’ve used several commercial gyms, got injured, didn’t get the results you wanted and wasted your valuable money and time? Or maybe you got some results, it worked for a while, and then the problems all came back again; weight gain, fatigue, sleep disorders and more stress and anxiety.


If you’ve struggled in the past its not your fault. You just didn’t have the right programme that was tailored to your personal needs.

Get the accountability, expert guidance and support from our private personal training studio

What it's like to train at Levitise

When you train with Levitise you will:

never feel judged or out of place

gain more energy to keep up with the kids

get a programme that is tailored to your busy schedule

have a team of support that helps you stay disciplined

remove any self-doubt, feel strong and confident

finally get the results you are looking for

People come to Levitise to take control of their health and start feeling awesome again!

What you can expect

Here is exactly what you can expect if you decide to book a consultation with us:


Step 1: Request a Consultation

We will call you to learn more about you, your health concerns and your fitness goals

Step 2: Come Visit Us

If you feel like we are going to be a good fit, we will invite you to come in, meet us, learn more about what we do and we’ll dive deeper into how we can help you achieve your goals and dreams

Step 3: Health and Fitness Evaluation

If you decide that our program is right for you, we will take you through our Movement Screen and Holistic Lifestyle Assessment to ensure we have all the information we need to design a program specifically for you.

Step 4: Personalised Programme

We will design and implement your personalised programme, helping you to lose weight, boost energy, relieve stress & anxiety that will help you sleep like a baby.

Take back control of your health - starting now!

Success Stories

Lisa Bourgogne, 41, Marketing Manager and Endurance Athlete

Lisa is an endurance athlete looking to improve her run times. She took up a 3 month course with us and we focused on her nutrition, hydration, breathing, sleep habits and other essential lifestyle factors. Just before joining us Lisa ran 25km in 3 hours, 8 weeks into the programme she ran 25km in 2h28 mins. An almost 20% improvement with zero personal training!


Here’s what Lisa had to say about the programme, Levitise has gone far beyond what I was hoping to gain! My main focus was about nutrition for several ultra races coming up, but with the 10 Health essential elements approach taken, I have learnt so much about my body’s needs and imbalances which has been a game changer. With nutritional adjustments and body exercises, I have become stronger during my training, increased my endurance and as a whole feeling much better. Elise has been incredible in helping me with my preparation over the last 3 months with a truly tailored approach, and bringing up important health and mindset points I had never thought about. A wonderful passionate team, beautiful studio and the infrared sauna is amazing for recovery and relaxation …Levitise is an investment you take with you for a lifetime. Highly recommended and honoured to have their support during my racing journey.”

Alice personal training at Levitise in Singapore
Alice personal training at Levitise in Singapore

Alice Lee, 40 - Mother, Compliance Specialist

Alice is mother of 2 working downtown in compliance for a major investment bank. Working long hours, demanding schedules and trying to take care of 2 kids plus a husband is not the easiest life in the world. So Alice came to us to help with low energy, waking up in the night and not going back to sleep, fatigue, jumpy mind and other health complaints. Alice was fantastic to coach and had a complete turn around with her health and life and after several months of coaching she even quit her job and took up a new job that was more inline with what she really wanted to do with her life. She’s now feeling a zillion times better, looking good and feeling great.


We asked Alice if there’s anything holding her back from moving forward and she said “Nothing, not in bad health, mentally good. With these 2 weapons there’s nothing else that can hold me back. I have you guys here with me now so I’m not thinking of anything else. The personal training programme has helped me gain self-confidence…I’ve also become more energetic and can spend more time with my kids.”

Shaun personal training at Levitise in Singapore
Shaun personal training at Levitise in Singapore

Shaun McEwan 48 - Father, Professional EMCEE

“I am now 3 to 4 times more productive at work. I’ve also managed to control my stress and am feeling a lot better.”

Shakir Ahmed 33 - Events Producer, Head Fund Industry

“I was suffering from a groin injury that I picked up in football that developed into Osteotis Pubis. I was in immense pain and agony. I went to see 2 physios and  Singapore Sports Medicine Centre and the doctor told me I was unlikely to be able to get back to optimal level again. But your invaluable tips and advise on diet, sleep, movements etc. helped me get back on the football field and playing 1 to 2 full 90 min games per week and I'm back at optimal level. It's really a miracle when I look back :) Wow!”