Corporate health and fitness workshops

As a decision maker of your organisation, one of your main goals should always be  to enhance and expand your employee benefits. Why?

Healthy and happy -> more productive staff ->

a better business -> more revenue ->

a happier business owner -> less stress for the HR team!

Investing in your employees' health by listening to them and offering them opportunities to grow is a great way to show, as an employer, that you care.


Here at Levitise, we provide an array of corporate health and fitness workshop to help you achieve the complete employee benefit solution. If you are looking to organise any of the workshops mentioned below then be sure drop us an email at


“This morning the Chamber team enjoyed a hugely informative workshop with Alex from Levitise. The session was on protecting your health and wellbeing as a busy professional, covering tips on everything from nutrition and movement through to sleep and the external environment factors. While there are no doubt plenty of wellbeing coaches out there in the market this was a different, very individual approach.”

 Lucy Haydon, Deputy Executive Director, British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore


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Talks, Workshops and Presentations

All of these workshops are tried, tested and have received great feedback from the audience. We do a talk almost every week so we know what works, what doesn't and what your audience will resonate with. Have a browse through our most successful workshops below and let us know which ones leap out the page at you. If you're looking for a custom workshop then do not hesitate to let us know. Our coaches are multidisciplined and having trained at the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Belgium, The C.H.E.K. Institute in California covering nutrition, lifestyle coaching and corrective holistic exercise kinesiology are well versed in a variety of health and fitness topics.

Cure Your Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain for Good

Is your back, neck and/or shoulder pain a hindrance to your everyday life? Tried several solutions and still not got the results you’re looking for? Then you probably need a more holistic solution to your problems. Elise Dailly, Levitise Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Coach and Alex Mearns, Holistic Health Practitioner, present the solutions in this workshop and guide you in creating a customised treatment plan so you too can discover what it feels like to find true relief from chronic pain once and for all!

"...thanks for the talk. It was very informative and gave me a sense of the things to expect on your coaching programme. Your passion for the subject really comes through when you speak which I think is a crucial ingredient so thank you."

Dinusha, 37 - Engineer, Investment Bank


The Levitise Guide to Easy, Unconventional and Permanent Weight Loss

“Move more and eat less” – you’ve heard it a million times before but you can’t find the motivation to do either? Why? Because it’s terrible advice and goes against hundreds of thousands of years of genetic evolution. Jump on board our latest workshop for the really skinny on how to lose weight simply and unconventionally.

"Thanks for coming down to our office and enlightening us...your framework is really good."

Kevin Law, Director | Business Development Asia, Vantage Infrastructure

Boost Your Energy and Kick Fatigue Into Touch

A presentation and Q&A where we discuss the causes of chronic fatigue, how it can impact your health and what to do about it to get you back on your feet and leaping around like an Olympic athlete in no time!

"It was a great session…we all learned a fair bit about living a healthy lifestyle."

Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin, CEO, Quantedge

Reset Your Hormones for Optimal Health and Fertility

Why are my hormones trying to kill me? Why do I have serious cramps once a month and feel like crap for a week? Why can’t I get pregnant? Is this normal? No, it’s not! In this presentation, workshop and Q&A we tell you what’s happening to your body and what you can do to regain your health naturally without medical drugs or supplements.

Upgrade Your Health for Busy Professionals

In this workshop, presentation and Q&A we give you all the best tips to upgrade your health, happiness and longevity meter without taking additional time out of your busy schedule. If you are struggling to find ways to focus on your health because you’re just too damn busy then this is the talk you don’t want to miss.

"It was our pleasure to have you share your expertise with our eager members and guests" 

Iffa Khalissa, General Manager at The Hive

10 Elements of Health, Happiness and Longevity

We present the 10 essential elements of health that are required for perfect health, happiness and longevity. 95% of chronic diseases are caused by poor lifestyle factors. In this presentation and Q&A we review the 10 elements of health required to maximise your chances of reversing chronic disease and living a pain free life well into old age.

Your Perfect Diet

Vegan, paleo, keto, low carb, vegetarian, whole 30, gluten free. Tried a bunch of diets and none of them work? Start with good intentions and then fail when the willpower runs out? Want to try a diet and no idea which one? Then this is the perfect interactive workshop and presentation for you where we give you a personalised guide for finding your perfect diet so you can eat properly and lose weight.