Alexander Mearns: My Story
General · 21 May 2022
The other day I was on a call with my business coach discussing 'My Story'. She asked me questions such as, "How did I get to where I am now?", "What challenges did I face on the way?", "How did I deal with stress, anxiety and fear?", "What did I do to overcome them?" After reviewing what I wrote I thought it made pretty good reading with several useful tips on how I run my life and business. So I’m delighted to share it with you here today. Enjoy!
Do you need to detox?
General · 09 February 2022
If you feel great, all of the time, then you probably don't need to detox. But if you’re not operating at your full capacity then maybe you do. But what are the symptoms? How would you know? What we’ve done is put together 2 naturopathic and functional medical questionnaires for you that will help you know whether you need to detox or not.

The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2
General · 23 January 2022
In Part 1 we looked at the overwhelming evidence supporting the benefits of getting more Vitamin D in your life. Whether that’s to prevent cancer and heart disease, improve sleep and chronic fatigue, boost your happiness and mental health or just getting in shape. Now we're going to get stuck into specific recommendations and practical advice that's easy to implement wherever you are, and whatever you do, in The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 2.
The #1 Way to Boost Your Health and Happiness - Part 1
General · 16 January 2022
We’re told to eat less and move more to be healthier and happier. And whilst that’s true to certain extent, both require considerable effort. Many of us have tried, and failed, on both fronts. So what else can we do? What else, aside from food and exercise, has such a massive impact on our mental and physical health? It is, of course, Vitamin D and it comes from the sun. By the end of this article you will be 100% convinced that this is the #1 way to boost your health and happiness.

Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 3: Detoxification
General · 15 October 2021
Toxicity leads to cellular toxicity which leads to DNA damage which leads to cellular mutations which lead to cancer and other serious diseases. This is the reason we want to reduce toxicity in our lives. In part 1 we looked at the toxins in your food. In part 2, toxins in your environment. So now we tie it all together, look at how to prevent toxicity in the first place, and heal from the damage done in Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 3: Detoxification.
Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 2: The Environment
General · 02 October 2021
Last week we looked at food and water. Both critical components to be mindful of to remove toxicity from your life. Today we’re shining the spotlight on everything else. What toxins are you exposed to in your sleep? What are the top household toxins? Are your beauty products poising you on the inside? Which common toxins are linked to brain diseases and cancer? Read on to Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 2: The Environment.

Upgrade Your Health by Reducing Your Toxic Load - Part 1: Food
General · 25 September 2021
We live in a very different world from our ancestors. In today’s world our immune systems are bombarded on a daily basis with chemical toxins that we are not genetically equipped to deal with. Toxins in our water, in our food, in our air, on our cooking utensils and in our cleaning and beauty products. In the first of this 3 part series we're going to look at toxins in your food and what you can to upgrade your health by reducing your toxic load.
Top 6 Ways You Can Save Your Health and the Planet
General · 31 December 2020
Some people care about their health but don’t take too much notice about their contribution to the environment. And some care about the environment but often make terrible choices for their health, without realising it. But mostly, by making great choices for your health, you can simultaneously make great choices for the environment. So here are our top 6 ways you can save your health, and the planet.

General · 07 November 2020
Saunas and heat therapy have been around for thousands of years; Onsen’s, dry saunas, hot baths and sweat lodges. Our ancestors knew that heat and sweating was good for us. And this has now been confirmed by an overabundance of clinical evidence, particularly with regard to infrared saunas. So, we’re pleased to bring you the top 5 reasons to use an infrared sauna in Singapore.
General · 21 July 2020
If you're working with a coach. are you getting the most out of that relationship? If you’ve thought about joining a coaching program, are you willing to do what it takes to succeed? Or are you a coach, and are you struggling to get the best out of your clients? Yes? Then read on to find out how to maximise your results from your coaching sessions.

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