Singapore Most Comprehensive Healthy Food Shopping Guide

updated as at 08 April 2022


This Singapore healthy shopping food guide has been put together after much travel up and down the island visiting farms and dairies in Kranji, delis in the East Coast, butchers in the West and supermarkets and specialist shops all over the island. Whilst its not perfect we hope that it will prove useful to you in quickly identifying the best quality food in Singapore. If its not on the list its very likely that it doesn’t make the cut or serves no additional purpose to the outlets already mentioned below. However in the event that you feel we may have missed something please do reach out to us.


There are only a few farms in Singapore (in Kranji) and they do a limited amount of veggies so you need to shop around for the full spectrum of vegetables. Feel free to contact us for individual advice on our personal favourites.

Company Type Website Speciality Local or overseas Certified Organic
Green Circle


Singapore Farm Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Both  

They use natural compost like mung beans. They are not certified organic but they are organic in spirit and in our opinion have the healthiest, best tasting local and imported veggies.

The Green Girl Online Shop Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies France, Italy and Spain
A great selection of certified fresh seasonal European veggies
Quan Fa Organic Farm Singapore Farm Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Both
They use Japanese organic compost. Most of the locally produced veg are greens.
Zenxin Organic Malaysia Farm Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Local
They supply the Cold Storage Group and you can order direct from them as well.
Cold Storage / Market Place / Jasons
Supermarket Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Local

Most of the organic produce is from Zenxin's farm in Malaysia. Its not bad but more expensive compared with the Thai and Aussie veggies from NTUC.

NTUC Fariprice Finest Supermarket Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Both
A mixture of organic produce from Thailand, USA and Australia


Greens, fruit, tubers and other root veggies Local and Overseas

One of the original organic grocers in Singapore with a great selection on Orchard Road

Fire Flies Health Farm
Singapore Farm Fresh local and imported fruit and veg and other produce. Both
Another great Singapore farm using no chemical pesticides and natural fertilisers such as rock dust, molasses and seaweed.
Eat Organic
Organic Grocers Fresh imported fruit and veg and other produce. Overseas
Whilst not the cheapest on the list they have a wonderfully selection of imported organic fruits and veg, especially their tubers - tons of varieties of potatoes and sweet potatoes. 


For fresh (not frozen), certified organic, grass fed and finished, pastured lamb and beef we can recommend Ryan's Grocery. They also sell antibiotic free (AF)/hormone free (HF)/free range pork. The Butcher Box is also a great choice which doesn't have certified organic produce but a very close second because their produce us from Tasmania where antibiotics, hormones and GMO feeds are all banned. Ryan's sell free range AF/HF/chlorine free chickens from Toh Thye San Farm in Johor as do some other specilist butchers. Fresh (not frozen) certified organic, pastured chickens fed on a natural diet do not exist in Singapore so these are the next best.

Want to know the healthiest foods to buy when you're out shopping? Grab our comprehensive nutrition guide now to take with you.

14 sections covering: beef and lamb  pork and chicken  fish and seafood  dairy  cheese  water and drinks  fats and oils  vegetables and legumes  fruit  grains  seeds and nuts  tubers  herbs and spices  sweeteners. We've also added in 7 BONUS tips for maximising your health from nutrition and 7 BONUS superfoods.

The Levitise Healthy Food Guide Infographic

Most of the other specialist butchers will have some limited organic produce like organic mince beef, tenderloin and strip loin. Some will say they have 100% grass fed beef but after researching further you'll find that 100% grass fed can mean grass fed until the last 90 days when they are fattened up on a diet of grain before slaughter. This totally destroys the beneficially fatty acid profile of the animal and introduces a boat load of toxins from the grain feed that is normally certified unfit for human consumption but OK for animals - so be careful!


Company Type Website Speciality Meat Source Organic 100% Grass Fed Hormone Free Antibiotic Free 100% Pastured
Ryan's Grocery Shop


Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken Australia
Fresh organic  grass fed beef and lamb; HF/AF pastured pork; free range HF/AF chickens but fed on a grain diet.
Oh Deli Butcher, Cafe, Delicatessen

Beef, Lamb, Pork & Chicken Australia & Malaysia
Pastured beef and lamb; HF/AF pork; organic chickens, almost wild salmon.
SuperNature Shop


Everything Everywhere
They have a good mix of everything both frozen and fresh.
Butcher Box Shop

Tasminian beef, lamb, free range pork Australia  
AF/HF/Grass fed and finished King Island beef from Tasmina. Free range lamb and gluten free/nitrate free pork, lamb, chicken and beef sausages.

Fish and Seafood

Seabass, parrot fish, red snapper and certain species of mackerel are often fresh and wild caught in Indonesian and Malaysian waters and you can buy them in many supermarkets and wet markets. Imported tuna is always wild but frozen/thawed. Some of the fish served at top end Japanese restaurants and in the Japanese supermarkets like Isetan is fresh from Japan but you will pay for it. It’s not always wild though so you need to ask. The Alaska Guys sell amazing fresh and wild salmon and halibut in season and other seafood.


Everything else is farmed (including 99% of the salmon in Singapore) so best to avoid. Some independent stores claim to sell healthy salmon but dig deeper and you'll find its farmed and fed on a diet of soy beans which destroys the beneficial O3 fatty acid profile of the fish and introduces all sorts of other deficiencies. Fish do not eat beans!


There are many stores which sell fresh farmed fish or great quality wild fish that’s frozen but unless they sell the holy duo of fresh and wild caught we didn’t include them in the list below.

Company Type Website Speciality Wild Caught Fresh or Frozen
The Alaska Guys Online Salmon and shellfish Fresh & Frozen
Great source of 100% wild (but frozen) crab, prawns, salmon and roe etc. You can get some fresh fish if you order a lot or buy the whole salmon or halibut in season - highly recommended
Dish the Fish Fishmonger/Online Local, fresh, wild caught fish Fresh
A great collection of fresh and wild caught Snapper, Spotted Mackerel, Grouper, Pomfret, Parrot Fish, Goby, Batang and Seabass
Zairyo Website Japanese fish Fresh & Frozen
Fresh Sea Urchin Roe, Snow Crab, Ankimo, Sardines, Clams, Horse Mackerel, Flat Fish, Saba, Scallops, Threeline Grunt and many others flown thrice weekly from Japan.
Redmart Online Everything Preserved
Preserved mackerel, tuna and anchovies in glass jars (better than freezing). They sometimes have wild smoked salmon.
Singapore neighbourhoods Fish Markets n/a Fresh and farmed fish and shellfish Fresh
Seabass, Parrot Fish, Red Snapper, local Mackerel (also known as Batang or Ikan Tenggiri).
NTUC/Cold Storage Supermarket n/a Everything Fresh
Seabass, Parrot Fish, Red Snapper, local Mackerel (also known as Batang or Ikan Tenggiri). Look for the fillets with "wild caught" on the packets. Market Place at Tanglin Mall indicates whether all fish is wild or farmed at the fish counter.

Milk and Dairy

The best milk in Singapore is the Paris Creek brand which is biodynamic in conversion, grass fed, unhomogenised but it is pasteurised. There is no raw milk available in Singapore apart from Viknesh and The Dairy Folks but you should visit the farm and check on the animals before making a decision about whether you want to drink that raw. You can, however, get some fantastic raw cheeses, butter and sometimes cream in the supermarkets in Singapore. The best being the French online supermarket Le Petit Depot.


Cold storage often has the best selection of organic kefirs and yogurts.

Type Company Website Speciality Raw Milk (unpaseurised) Organic Unhomogenised
NTUC Fairprice/Cold Storage Supermarket

Everything (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream)  
Paul's pure organic unhomogenised full cream milk from Australia is the 2nd best commercial milk available in Singapore. Organic Times butter from Aussie is also 100% grass fed. You can also sometimes get organic cream and creme fraiche from Cold Storage/Market Place and Fair Price Finest.
Eat Organic Organic Grocers

Paris Creek Milk  
Probably sells the best milk in Singapore. The main difference between this and Paul's is that Paul's cows are fed on an organic diet of "grass, grain and hay" whereas Paris Creek cows are 100% grass fed so will have a far superior fatty acid profile.
Hay's Dairy Farm


Farmed goats milk in Singapore. HF but not AF. Fed Alfalfa hay and grain.
Viknesh Dairy Farm

Raw milk but the cows are fed something that resembles sawdust, kept in small cages, and are not guaranteed AF/HF - avoid.
The Dairy Folks Farm Milk  
Fresh local milk but it is pasteurised. Cows are fed a mixture of "jungle grass" and commercial feed. Conditions not great. Best to visit the farm yourself and decide if this is a to be a regular product for you.
The Cheese Ark Shop


They have a wonderful selection of artisan cheeses from small farms in Europe. Some are certified organic but most are organic in spirit because they are all tiny farms using traditional methods and no modern chemicals. All of the cheese is from 100% pastured animals, mostly raw, silage free and well looked after.
The Cheese Shop Shop



They have a good selection of quality cheeses: some organic, some organic "in principal", raw and grass fed cheese.

Le Petit Depot Online Cheese, cream and yogurt  
Le Petit Depot has a huge selection of organic yogurts from France and a good selection of organic cheeses (some raw).
Oh Deli Butchers, Cafe & Delicatessen
Milk, cream & butter    

The only place, aside from Le Petit Depot, in Singapore to sell "almost" organic cream. Good quality milk and butter too. All dairy from grass fed and finished, hormone and antibiotic free pastured cows.

The Cheese Trap Shop Cheese and dairy  
Conveniently located for bankers and lawyers in the CBD! They have a great selection of speciality raw and organic cheeses from Europe.


The best eggs in Singapore are the Organic Feed Eggs, Golden Irish Organic Free Range Eggs, Frenz Organic Free Range, Daneg Organic Free Range Eggs. Organic eggs ensure that the chickens have only consumed an organic diet (so no glyphosate) and have not been subjected to GMOs, antibiotics and growth hormones. You can get these in many stores and supermarkets with limited predictability, so RedMart is often the best bet for consistent supply. You can get many varieties of "free range" or "kampong" eggs, but they are all from chickens kept in barns, with a roof, and a concrete floor and fed a non organic, grain based diet.

Want to know the healthiest foods to buy when you're out shopping? Grab our comprehensive nutrition guide now to take with you.

14 sections covering: beef and lamb  pork and chicken  fish and seafood  dairy  cheese  water and drinks  fats and oils  vegetables and legumes  fruit  grains  seeds and nuts  tubers  herbs and spices  sweeteners. We've also added in 7 BONUS tips for maximising your health from nutrition and 7 BONUS superfoods.

The Levitise Healthy Food Guide Infographic

Grains, Legumes/Beans, Nuts, and Seeds

You can get organic grains, legumes/beans, nuts and seeds in most of the big supermarkets. Its very hard to find unpasteurised nuts in Singapore however the Pili Pushers are one of the few exceptions who supply a high quality soaked, sprouted and activated pili nut. Scoop is probably the new king in town for organic dried grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and The Source Bulk Foods is also good. 


There are increasingly more quality bakers popping up and in order to produce anything that resembles something vaguely health on the bread perspective the flour used must be 100% organic (no compromises) and the bread must be traditionally fermented i.e. sourdough. The best we have found so far are Micro bakery & Kitchen and Haubis which both do organic sourdough bread. If you're not sure why it must be organic and fermented then read this post.


Unfortunately Singapore water contains both chlorine and fluoride (which has been banned in the EU). It can also can contain lead, pesticides and other undesirable elements. Ultrapure ( do some good systems but there are many other brands here. The best, however, are overseas. Remember its important to remineralise all RO water with sea salt and/or trace minerals. Here's a link to a useful three part blog on water: Should Singaporeans use water filters?

Fats and Oils

Butter as mentioned above. Organic virgin olive oils you can buy in most supermarkets. Organic coconut oils you can also buy in most supermarkets and specialist shops but its much cheaper to order online from Likewise that is also the best source for organic grass fed ghee. Beef tallow, lard and suet you will have to DIY.

Booze - beer and wine

Wines (, who are based in SPRMRKT at Robertson Quay, RVLT in Chinatown ( have a huge selection of natural wines, Chopine (email Peter) and the Hop Shop ( at Bukit Timah Plaza do organic and gluten free craft beers. The organic, natural and biodynamic wine KING in Singapore is Romain Cousot who set up Cogito Wines (


There are well over 10,000 restaurants and F&B outlets in Singapore but only a handful of organic ones. We've only included restaurants below where the majority of their produce (80% or more) is organic.