Singapore healthy lifestyle resources

Levitise's healthy lifestyle resources page has been built to give you access to a myriad of resources relating to your health, fitness and lifestyle that we are sure you’ll find useful in Singapore. From a comprehensive food guide that guarantees to service all of your organic shopping needs, to the best food reviews that you’ll ever stumble upon on organic food, we are confident to say that you will find all the information you desire around living healthy right here.

Singapore healthy shopping food guide

The most up to date and exhaustive guide to organic and sustainably produced food available in Singapore. We have scoured the island visiting Kranji farms, urban farms, local butchers, delis and even the mainstream supermarkets looking for the best and healthiest local produce for you and your family.

12 Spoons restaurant review

This review was created with the intention of helping Singaporeans find adequate eating places when they are in a neighbourhood that lacks proper alternatives. In addition, it also functions to draw attention to cafes, or restaurants, that serve really high quality foods.

Singapore healthy chicken guide

If you've ever gone to the supermarket or butcher's to buy chicken, you might have been intimidated by all the choices. And we get it, it can be challenging to know which chicken's the best. Fret not, we’ve done all the hard work for you by visiting the stores, hounding the suppliers and calling the farmers to find out exactly what’s going on under the hood of imported chickens in Singapore.