Boosting Immunity through Nutrition

The Coronavirus is taking the world by storm at the moment and people are rightly panicked. At the time of writing the virus is still in the exponential growth phase and we are unsure as to when it will peter out. Presumably it will as did SARS, MERS, Spanish Flu and Ebola. Let's hope sooner rather than later.


However viruses, bacteria and fungi have been around since the dawn of the Earth and will be there at the end. They have a role to play in the symbiotic functioning of a balanced world. So there's really no escaping them. The best thing we can do is to boost our immunity so that we avoid getting viruses or if we do, we can shake them off as soon as possible with minimal discomfort. How do we do this?

Part 1: Introduce Nutritionally Dense Foods into Your Diet

The number one way to build a strong immune system is to give your body the best nutrition you can and avoid foods with empty calories devoid of micronutrients and loaded with toxins. In part 1 today in this vlog we'll be addressing:

  • which food contains 7 times more Vitamin C than blueberries
  • which food contains 50% of your daily micronutrient needs in only 100g
  • which food is basically mother nature's multivitamin pill
  • how the right type of food preparation can increase gut health, amplification of micronutirents and bioavailability
  • what's the body's number 1 antioxidant that every doctor should know about and how to boost it naturally

Part 2: Avoid Energy Draining Foods and Toxicity

In Part 2 we're going to look at a whole bunch of foods that are going to do your immune system no favours at all if you are consuming them regularly. We'll be answering questions such as...

  • which food looks molecularly more like plastic under the microscope than real food?
  • how are chronic alcohol exposure and sugar correlated?
  • which foods are particularly problematic for Singaporeans?
  • which drink tells your immune system to turn off?

Part 3: Primal Pattern Diet Typing

Here we’re covering how macronutrient ratios (fats🥑, carbs🍞 and protein🥩) can affect your immune system’s efficiency.


We love this topic as it’s rarely discussed but oh so critical. We call it Primal Pattern Diet Typing which is a CHEK Institute protocol based on William L. Wolcott's (the godfather of metabolic typing) work.


We’ll take a look at the 5 key elements of PPDT…

1. macronutrients

2. science

3. ancestral

4. personalised

5. common sense

…and how getting it wrong can lead to parasite and fungal infections, bacterial overgrowths, sympathetic dominance, stress and anxiety and ultimately immune system suppression.

Part 4: Summary and Bonus

In part 4 in our series on boosting immunity we turn the spotlight away from nutrition and onto the other key elements of health, happiness and longevity that are essential for keeping your immune system in tip top shape.


Highlights include…

  • which type of exercise helps boost white blood cell production
  • what simple, and free, technique can boost Natural Killer cells that provide a rapid response to virus-infected cells
  • how much does sleep impact the production of antibodies in responses to viruses
  • what 3 compounds we can get for free that boost our immune systems

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So that's it for our 4 part of our special on Boosting Immunity with Nutrition. We hope you've enjoyed this series!


To your, health, happiness and longevity, 


The Levitise Team 


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