The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Pre covid, your thinking may have been along these lines?

"When I make a bit more money, I’m going to buy a car/upgrade the car like my neighbour."

"This house is not really big enough, life would be better if we had a bit more space like the Joneses."

"I wonder how much money I need to retire on. I wonder how early I can retire?"

"I wish I had a bit more time to spend with the kids and pursue the things I enjoy. Bob on Facebook always seems to be having a blast – how does he do it and hold down a well-paying job at the same time?"

Life will be better when I'm living on my vineyard in semi-retirement in Tuscany
Life will be better when I'm living on my vineyard in semi-retirement in Tuscany

Post covid, maybe your thinking has changed slightly to look more like this:

"Life will be better when this lockdown ends like in [insert country]"
"I’ll be happier when the restaurants open again."
"It’ll be better when we are allowed to socialise with more than 2 people in the restaurants."
"I hope we can get back to groups of 8 soon so I can enjoy my gym classes/sports."
"I hope they allow us to travel soon like the Europeans."
"Great - they’ve firmed up the travel bubble to Hong Kong! But I hope the flight prices come down soon so it’s not prohibitively expensive to fly to Hong Kong."
"The Hong Kong trip was nice, but I really want to go to Australia, I hope Australia opens up soon. There is so much more to do there."
"Australia was nice but I really want to see my family in Europe – I wonder if when we can go to Europe without having to quarantine back in Singapore."

The grass certainly looks greener over there ...
The grass certainly looks greener over there ...

What’s the difference between this pre covid and post covid thought process? Absolutely nothing at all! They are both exactly the same issue; being unhappy with the status quo, being stuck in a rut, and feeling like, “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Shiwani and I decided to sit down and discuss this very topic in our recent 20 minute video.


We looked at:

  • The types of people that are affected by these feelings
  • Why do you feel this way? What’s going on under the hood?
  • And of course, what’s the solution?

Irrespective of what’s going on around us how can we start enjoying ourselves right now? How can we start living the life we want, and deserve right now? Watch the video to find out.

To your health, happiness and longevity,


The Levitise Team


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Arulsagai Arulsamy (Thursday, 01 July 2021 14:09)

    Very encouraging and straight forward discussion especially in these troubled pandemic times. Thanks a lot. Best wishes.

  • #2

    Alex (Sunday, 04 July 2021 20:50)

    Thanks Arul, glad you enjoyed it and we appreciate your kind words