Personal Trainer

Are you a personal trainer who’s looking to do something a little bit special? Something a bit different? Do you have a passion for helping people to achieve the best that they can be? Do you love helping provide perfect solutions to people’s problems? Do you want to be trained in cutting-edge personal training methods? Do you want a chance to travel to Australia for training? Well Levitise may have just the opportunity for you!


We are recruiting a Personal Trainer & Sales Professional; to help us onboard new clients and to manage their personal training programmes. You’ll be reaching out to new potential clients, discussing their health concerns with them and matching up programmes to help them achieve their goals. In addition you’ll also be learning the ropes from our senior personal trainer to design and execute truly holistic and balanced programme designs to help our clients optimise their flexibility, mobility, posture, strength and endurance in order to achieve maximal health, happiness and longevity.


This is a junior role where a lot of training will be provided. We are a growing business that has had a great run through the COVID-19 lockdown period with a very loyal and dedicated client base. We are looking for dedicated staff who want to grow with us over the long term. As you progress with the business you will be rewarded intellectually and financially and will have the chance to take on other business roles in the future such as marketing, accounts and management.

Are you emathetic, dynamic, bright, affable and enthusiastic about joining a growing business?
Are you emathetic, dynamic, bright, affable and enthusiastic about joining a growing business?

You are...

  • a junior personal trainer looking for a long term career with Singapore’s premier holistic health and fitness studio
  • a positive person who loves helping provide perfect solutions to people’s problems
  • an empathetic person who really understands people and loves to help them
  • someone who loves working with people, especially those in their 40s, 50s and 60s
  • interested in learning the fundamental building blocks of health happiness and longevity

You have...

  • a BSc in strength & conditioning, sports science, exercise science, exercise physiology or kinesiology
  • a personal training qualification such as CHEK, NASM, ACE, NSCA, ISSA, ACSM
  • an excellent command of the English language
This is us taking our clients out for a bouldering session
This is us taking our clients out for a bouldering session


  • The take home remuneration will be between 1,680 and 3,360 dollars per month based on which phase you're in as outlined below
  • Phase 1: will be commission only until you have passed your KPIs (approximately 3m to 6m)
  • Phase 2: Upon passing agreed KPIs you will be compensated as a part time staff (approximately 3m to 9m)
  • Phase 3: Upon passing the next batch of agreed KPIs you will be sent to study advance exercise coaching techniques with the CHEK Institute in Australia (approximately 6m to 12m)


If you are excited by this opportunity and interested to learn more then we’d love to talk to you

  • please apply by sending your CV to along with 1 paragraph of how hiring you will help our business be successful
  • please include the code SPAPT in the subject of the email
Holding a workshop in the Levitise studio
Holding a workshop in the Levitise studio

About Levitise

Levitise is Singapore’s first all-encompassing holistic lifestyle centre for executives. We provide personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching that helps to help our clients achieve optimal health, happiness and longevity.


Most of our clients are busy mums and dads in their 40s and 50s and C level executives working in Singapore’s CBD. We specialise in issues such as weight management, sleep disorders, hormone rebalancing, stress and anxiety, digestive issues and fatigue without the use of medical drugs. Working in harmony with our health coaches, our personal trainers specialise in solving back, neck and shoulder pain, improving joint flexibility, injury rehabilitation and of course getting people to feel healthy, fit and awesome again!